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What is PictBridge?

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

If your equipment is PictBridge compatible, you can print directly from your digital camera to printer, directly bypassing the need for a computer.

PictBridge logoWhat is PictBridge? It is a standardized technology that allows printing images from a memory card in a digital camera directly to a printer, regardless of brand. It can also be done directly from a compatible device using Wireless PictBridge.

The technology completely bypasses the need for a computer. Each PictBridge device is automatically recognized by the other.

The camera compares its PictBridge functions to the functions of the printer. The camera then displays the supported functions on menus on the LCD screen or in the viewfinder.

PictBridge print options

Pictbridge menuOnce a camera is connected to a compliant printer, print options appear on the camera LCD. The camera menu system is used to make settings such as print size, layout, media type and date.

You can print a single image displayed on the camera, print two or more images or print all images on the memory card. You can print part of an image by first cropping it within the camera and even create index prints, also known as contact sheets.

Print sizes and PictBridge

Not all PictBridge digital cameras let you select all available prints sizes, such as 13×19″ if you have a wide format printer. If the printer has a memory card slot, use it and larger size prints should be available.

Is your device PictBridge compatible?

To find out if a camera or printer is compatible, look for the PictBridge logo on the packaging or check the manual for specifications. If still unsure, call the manufacturer!

Wireless PictBridge

Wireless PictBridge allows a compatible digital device to directly communicate with a PictBridge (Wireless LAN) certified printer…no cables are required. No computer is required either since photos are sent directly to the printer from a compliant device such as a digital camera, camcorder or mobile phone.

For more information visit the Camera & Imaging Products Association website.


  • sony78, there is nothing about PictBridge Compatible in the specifications for the Sony TX66 so it probably isn’t. To make sure, contact Sony.

  • im planning to buy sony dsc-tx66 is it pictbridge compatible?i cannot find the logo of pictbridge on the box and even in the manual it doesnt mention the compatibility

  • Hi Douglas, the PictBridge options are typically a function of the camera, so the D90 may not support the time stamp function and that is why it’s grayed out. Check the camera manual to be sure. I also suggest you inquire at dpreview’s Printer and printing forum. You’ll get a lot of good printer help there. Or you can call Nikon tech support.

  • Hi Gail
    I have a PictBridge printer (HP Photosmart Plus B209a series) and a Nikon D90.
    I can use this function, however i cannot enable/add a time stamp to the photos i want to print, as this feature seems to be greyed out?
    I have been hi and low over the net trying to find some help, so was hoping you may know a trick to using this feature or can point me in the right direction?
    Thanks in advance – Douglas

  • Shannon, any printer that is PictBridge compatible should work with your camera. Some of the more popular brands of printers are made by Canon, Epson, HP and Canon. Make sure you get a photo-quality printer. The more ink cartridges, the better. For example. a printer with five cartridges (including black) will print more pleasing photos than one with four cartridges.

  • Hi,

    I will planning to buy the camera called “Fujifilm FinePix Z90”. But I am look for photoprinter without the computer…..I was wonder if FinePix Z90 and photoprint …have the Pictbridge? Tell me name of the company and model …Photoprinter (I prefer 5×7 picture size).  Any idea?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Gail, the printer didn’t come with a double ended USB so I bought one to connect it to my computer. But the computer doesn’t even recognise that the printer is connected. I’ve tried everything…

  • Sushi, I suggest you go to a site like Amazon and type in Pictbridge printer, and you’ll have many to choose from. Most printers are pictbridge compatible today. Or just do a Google search. Just don’t get a printer that’s too cheap, or you may end up spending a lot of money on ink cartridges. Get a printer with the most ink cartridges you can afford because then you only have to replace the ink that is gone, instead of replacing one cartridge that has three colors in it.

    I bought this one for a family member; very inexpensive and does an adequate job but, as mentioned, ones with more ink cartridges do better.

  • Hi.. thanks for the helpful information.. but I do have one request
    could you pls give me a list of printers that are pictbridge and cheap
    or you could just give me a website or something..that would be a great help
    thank u in advance

  • Charlotte, Pogo printers are blue tooth enabled and Pictbridge compatible. Your camera isPpictbridge compatible to, so they should work together. Double check at the place of purchase before buying, or contact Polariod. Here are tips at the Polaroid website.

  • Hi, i was thinking about getting a polaroid pogo printer but i have no idea if my camera would work with it. I’ve got a Panasonic Lumix FS30, will this work with the pogo printer???

  • Hayley, it comes with a USB cord which should be plugged into the computer. If the printer came with software, be sure to install that first and follow the on-screen instructions. Once the software and printer driver is installed, transfer the images to your computer from the camera and then print the images via the software. You’ll need a card reader for that.

  • Hi there, I was recently bought a polaroid printer for my Birthday but I have a PENTAX camera which doesn’t have Pict Bridge on it. Does anyone know of a way that I can get my printer to work either with my camera or with my laptop? It’s a Polaroid Pogo and I have a Pentax I-10.
    Very frustrated!!

  • Thank you, Gail, for all the information.  I really appreciate it.  The printer I’m leaning towards buying is a Canon PIXMA MG8120, after finding a “better than Canon price” on the Net.  It appears to be a heavyweight in the AIO world with alot of features.  I don’t adjust to new “machinery” very easily and am figuring if I get one now that does everything, then I probably won’t have to learn how to operate a new printer again in my lifetime! I went over to the Picasa site for awhile, and based on what I saw and your recommendation, I’ll be downloading that, along with the software that comes my printer.  If I can’t make pics look good with all that, I’ll just have to give it all away to my son as premature inheritance!  I’m sooo excited to get the printer, and along with the Canon Power Shot SX210 IS I plan to buy, I should have many hours of fun with a new hobby.  It’s good and technologically savvy people like you helping us novices with the new technology that make it possible for we seniors to get more than our toes wet in the new technology.  You are more valuable to your families than the doctors and lawyers used to be, IMHO.  Thanks, again.

  • Pinky, welcome to the wonderful world of digital photography!

    You can print and edit photos with any basic photo editing software. Make sure you installed the software that came with the camera, which will let you do basic editing. You can also print images using the software. Some programs also let you email photos and will automatically make the images a suitable size for emailing. In Windows, you can right-click an image and select the print menu.

    Also consider downloading Picasa, the photo editing and organizing programs offered by Google. It’s an excellent program, particularly for novice digital camera users. Best of all, it’s free. You can read more about it here.

  • Thank you so much for your explanation.  I’m a senior citizen who has decided to take up photography as a new hobby, and, therefore, have been researching printers, scanners, and digital cameras on the web.  There has been alot of new terminology for me to learn, and this PictBridge was one of them.  I knew the printer I have “almost” decided on allowed me to print directly from a memory card but I didn’t know this was the program that allowed it to do that!  Thank you for teaching me something new today!  You young people are sooooo smart!!!

    Now I just have to figure out what program is used in my computer to print photos I get in e-mail or scan in.  Maybe every photo sent from my computer to the printer uses PictBridge and then windows come up on the monitor to allow me crop, etc.  Anyone know the answer to that?  (Hoping my ignorance isn’t showing TOO much!  LOL  That’s a project for tomorrow, though.

  • Valdez, from what I’ve read about this printer, it is very good for events when you need to make prints on the spot, and quickly. For example, according to the specs, it makes 4″ x 6″ prints in approx. 12 seconds and 5″ x 7″ prints: approx. 18 seconds.

    You may find this review helpful, which indicates that configuring the transmitter for PictBridge printing is a relatively simple matter.

  • Hi,  I have a nikon d3000.  I’m looking to purchase a Hi Touch P510si, wireless printer.  This is a commercial printer that allows you printer wireless from any camera via pictbridge, through a transmitter that comes with the printer.  You connect your pictbridge cord to the transmitter, which you can clip to your belt, or strap it across your chest, however you desire, and once snap the photo, you click the switch button on the transmitter, this will activate pictbridge, and the transmitter will send the image to the printer wireless for automatic printing. 🙂 Pretty cool technology huh? My question is, do you think that type of printing would be considered slow?  Do you recommend wireless printing through pictbridge in a form of event photography, where you are taking photos at different events, and printing them there on the spot?  Thanks!

  • Happy Holidays, Karly. Yes, the Canon sd780 is PictBridge Compatible.

    Related menu icons and prompts appear when the camera is connected to a PictBridge compliant printer. Your camera manual will have instructions for connecting the cable and how to navigate images to select which ones to print. Your camera may have also come with a Personal Printing Guide so refer to that too.

  • HI 🙂
    I have a Canon PowerShot SD780 IS digital camera. Is it PictBridge compatible? I’ve scoured the internet in hopes of finding the answer, and so far, no such luck.
    If you could answer that, it would be very much appreciated!
    Thanks for you time and Happy Holidays. 🙂

  • “You can print a single image displayed on the camera, print two or more images or print all images on the memory card.”
    I recently bought a Samsung TL-105.  I connected the camera, and in the Pictbridge menu, I received an option to either print one photo or all photos, but nothing in between.  I want to be able to fit the last 4 photos in a letter size paper,  so I have to pick an option beyond “one photo”.  How do I ONLY have it print the last 4 photos, or 4 photos I select, as opposed to ALL photos on my memory card?
    Any help would be much appreciated, as the CIPA site seems woefully sparse.

  • Rebecca, yes, they are pictbridge compatible. It’s best to contact tech support as to why they won’t work. Polaroid has help documents at their site, which may be a good place to start. Get proper assistance before your wedding, as you don’t want to fuss that day. I understand the battery on the PoGo depletes pretty fast so bring the charger and, perhaps, an extra battery. Consider the same for your camera as I expect it will be used a lot that day. Best wishes.

  • Hi, I’ve been trying to connect a Sony Cybershot DSC-W130 and DSC-W170 to the Polaroid PoGo for use at my wedding but although the cameras say they are PictBridge enabled, I just can’t it to work.  Am I doing something wrong?  Should they be compatible?

  • James, file size could be an issue because obviously you got it to work when reducing the file size. Since your model is a multi-function printer, there may be other issues. It’s best to call HP, or this trouble shooting page may have the information you need.

  • I’m having the same problem as Ivan.  I have a Canon SD940IS and an HP PSC 1315.  I select the picture and get to the screen where I can trim and set print options.  But no matter what I try it just feeds a blank page.
    Could there be a filesize issue?  When I dropped down from 12M to .3M I was able to print.

  • Ivan, you need to select images for printing via the camera menu. When viewing a photo, hit the menu button and next the upper icon tab that looks like a printer. Via this Printer Menu, select the images you want to print. Also make selections settings in the Print Settings menu.

  • Ivan, you need to select images for printing via the camera menu. When viewing a photo, hit the menu button and next the upper icon tab that looks like a printer. Via this Printer Menu, select the images you want to print. Also make selections settings in the Print Settings menu.

  • Hi.I have a Canon Powershot SX20 IS with Picbridge outlet.I connected this to a HP PSC 1315 all-in-one printer with picbridge input.When i followed Canon instruction to print photo i got blank page.No photo print.Instructions for printing photo through printer seemed simple.Are there settings within canon camera menu that need to be done.Manual mentions picbridge compliant printer Canon maxima.Do i really need to buy another printer?.Help please.

  • Richard, you are correct. Manufacturers who support Pictbridge make a commitment to the Pictbridge standard. Since both your printer and the Nikon D3000 are Pictbridge compatible, they should work together. If I were you, I’d call Nikon and share with them what HP said about testing. When an item is advertised as Pictbridge compatible, you’d expect that it would be tested. There may be something else going on and only Nikon would know for sure. But if HP is right, it seems like false advertising.

  • My Nikon D3000 won’t print via PictBridge to my brand new HP1518ni Printer.  Both are Pictbridge capable but it still won’t print.  Other cameras I own will print fine via PictBridge, but not the D3000.  It connects fine and I can select photos to print but when I select print from the camera, the printer cancels the print job immediately. Contacted HP and they say the D3000 was not tested to be compatible with the printer.  Shouldn’t all PictBridge devices be compatible with one another?

  • Phyllis, for PictBridge to work, both devices need to be PictBridge compatible. A device my have Bluetooth but is not necessarily PictBridge. Contact Sanyo for the best answers to your questions. They do make PictBridge compatible phones and may have a firmware to update your model.

  • Hello. I have a Sanyo Katana LX phone with bluetooth and a hp photosmart printer with pictbridge bluetooth. I do not seem to be able to connect them. Does my phone have to be pictbridge and if so is there any software or anything I can use to make it compatible.

  • Hi
    I write this with interest and a little bit of tongue in cheek, as I’m not sure that this can be done, however here goes.
    I have an HP all in one scanner copier printer and thought i would be able to scan direct to a usb memory stick. However the printer/scanner wantss the usb stick to be PictBridge enabled.
    Can this be done and if so how?
    Thanks in anticipation

    Danny Kelk

  • No, your camera is not PictBridge compatible. It is USB Direct-Print that lets you connect it directly to a compatible photo printer. USB Direct-Print was introduced about nine years ago, I’m unaware if it is supported by newer printers. However to be sure contact Polaroid or a retailer that sells the PoGo printer.

  • I have a Casio QV-R40 camera, can anyone tell me if it supports PictBridge direct printing, as I am thinking og buying a PoGo printer.

  • The Nikon D60 supports PictBridge direct Printing. If you don’t have a camera manual, you can download an pdf version from the Nikon Support Area.

    We really don’t make recommendations. Either check the printer box, or camera specifications, to find out if a printer is PictBridge compatible. Most new printers are.

  • I have a nikon d60 which is now discontinued but is this camera pictbridge compatible?  Also I’m looking to purchase an epson printer which one do you recommend that is also pictbridge compatible?

  • You can use the usb cable or bluetooth. When using the cable, it should be pretty straitforward when you’re in playback mode. However, check both the camera printer manual for specifics.

    There is a lot of helpful information and video tutorials for using the PoGo at the Polaroid website.

  • i have a panasonic lumix dmc fz-28 and i am thinking of buying  a poloroid pogo  mobile digital printer…my camera has pict bridge  and so does the pogo printer, but how do i use the 2 items together ??  i think the pogo has a usb port but does that mean i can use the cable that i download my photos from my camera directly to my pc??? when i download pictures from camera to pc  a screen comes up on my camera with options to connect to pc..or…pictbridge    sorry if i am confusing you …. but i am a propper techn ofobe and need your advice pleeeeeeeeze

  • I’ve searched it it doesn’t seem like thhe printer you’re considering is not PictBridge compatible. Double check by asking before you order, or look for the PictBridge logo on the packaging.

    If you browse an online retailer, such as Amazon, do a search for Pictbridge printer and you can find any number of makes and models at a variety of prices..

  • I have purchased a digital camera of olympus no.FE-26/X-21. Could you please let me know which printer has pictbridge sothat the printout can be taken from my digi cam.

    I am aiming to purchase HP Deskjet F2100 All in one series .
    Do this printer have pictbridge option.
     I appreicate if i could be updated asap

    Hari S.

  • A Lego camera! That’s sounds really cool.

    You must look for the PictBridge logo to make sure a camera and printer are PictBridge compatible. Your son may enjoy using Picasa, a free photo organizing and editing program. Not a huge learning curve and includes a gig of free photo hosting. A fun program to use.

  • I bought my son a really cool Lego camera for Christmas and was excited to then find a relatively inexpensive printer that I thought would be great for him to be able to print his own pictures.  I am so disappointed to find that the camera must not have this PictBrige.  I guess we’ll have to go through the computer, which is no big deal, but still disappointing. 

  • Your Sony Erickson is PictBridge compatible. Your laser jet does not appear to be a PictBrige printer. Both units have to be PictBridge for them to work together.

  • Many thanks Gail. I will look into this but do not think that it will be worth it. You have kindly given me the explanation which is more than Nokia South Africa could do. I will just carry on using the PC to store the photographs and print as required.

    Again many thanks,


  • Your phone has Bluetooth so you will need a Bluetooth-enabled printer with PictBridge. You should also check if there are any firmware updates for your phone.

  • I have a Nokia E90 which takes photographs. It is however not compatible with PictBridge. Can you please tell me why as this an up-to-date (Relatively) new Cell Phone.

    Many Thanks.

  • Thanks for this splendid explanation of PictBridge, a process had mystified me.  I am much more confident abou my pending purchase of a digital camera and a printer.