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Holding a digital camera

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To help prevent blurred images, you’ll have to hold your digital camera steady. Learn how.

How to hold a cameraIt’s important how you hold a digital camera when taking photos. Holding it correctly can minimize or prevent camera shake and help ensure images are sharp and blur-free, particularly when shutter speeds are slow due to low light.

Many consumer digital cameras are quite small. A small camera can actually be more challenging to hold steady than a larger one. And if you’re not careful, your fingers will accidentally cover part of the lens or flash.

Some digital cameras with large LCDs don’t have a viewfinder. A user of a LCD-only digital camera has no choice but to hold the camera at a distance when taking a hand-held shot. This increases the likelihood of camera shake particularly when lighting is poor, when using a long zoom lens or if your camera does not have image stabilization.

Ways to hold a digital camera steady

holding-camera3Practice holding your camera securely in your hands with fingers grasping both sides. This provides stability and helps prevent accidental dropping of the camera.

When using the viewfinder, brace the camera firmly against your face. Prior to taking the first shot, make sure your fingers are not covering the lens. Whether using the viewfinder or the LCD, hold your elbows firmly against your body.

Holding a digital cameraThe more you steady your arms, the less chance the camera will move. Lean against a wall, a tree, anything to gain extra support.

When standing, spread your legs slightly apart to improve the stability of your stance. Also take a deep breath and hold it in while pressing the shutter-release button.

Another useful method to steady a digital camera is to hold it on a level, flat area as you frame and take the shot.

holding-camera5holding-camera4When holding a digital camera horizontally using a viewfinder,
press the camera firmly against your face.
Don’t cover the lens with your fingers.

For vertical shots, hold the camera in your
left hand and support it with your right.
Don’t cover the flash when using it.

holding-camera61holding-camera2Prop both elbows against your knees when sitting.

When crouching, hold the camera firmly
and brace an elbow on a knee.


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