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Setup mode

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The setup mode allows you tweak the factory default settings of a digital camera, as well as perform basic functions such as formatting and erasing a memory card.

Setup modeThe factory default settings for digital cameras can be changed via the setup mode. Some of the setting choices will change, depending on the main camera mode selected (Record, Playback or Video mode).

Cameras have a variety of settings to choose from, but almost all have these basic setting options:

Compression/quality — Sets the compression for recording images typically Fine (best image quality for the file size selected), Normal (very suitable image quality) and Basic (least quality though images may be perfectly suitable for email or posting on a web page).

Compression settings may have other designations such as best, better, good; standard, high, super high.  (Also see digital camera file formats.)

File size — Sets the number of pixels recorded for images.

Power save – if desired, select the amount of time the camera will remain on before automatically shutting off or going into a “sleep” mode. This saves battery power.

iimage-filenamesFrame number — Select the file name sequence for images. With continuous setting, images are stored beginning with the highest file number used of the previous memory card.

It prevents duplicate file names when images are transferred.

Erase/protect — Delete individual photos from the memory card; protect images that you don’t want to be removed during the erasure process.

Format — Deletes all images from a card, even protected ones. Format occasionally for better card performance. It’s best to format the card in the camera, not via the computer.

Sounds — Set the volume of the beep heard during camera operations. Select OFF if you wish to hear no sound.

Date/time — Set date and time.

Monitor — Select LCD display options such as brightness and contrast.

Power save — To conserve battery power, choose the length of time before the LCD automatically goes off or the camera goes into standby mode.

Other common settings options — Select a focus mode, set the self-timer, turn the digital zoom on and off.

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