Camera Parts

LCD night display

Gaining up is a digital camera feature that causes the LCD screen to automatically become brighter in low light, making it easier to compose a subject in dark surrounds.

Some digital cameras have LCD screens that offer a night display. They automatically “gain up” when taking photos in dark surroundings.

Gaining up allows the screen to automatically become brighter to suit the brightness of the subject. As a result, the LCD is easier to see in low light.

Grainy and slow

However, when an LCD monitor gains up two things happen. The image on it appears grainy looking and the image moves in slow, jerky motion.

Nothing wrong with your camera

When new digital camera users see this for the first time they often think there is something wrong with their camera. There isn’t. The LCD will return to it’s normal state when room lighting becomes brighter.

It’s important to note that when an LCD is in night display mode, it does not accurately reflect the brightness or graininess of recorded images. To check for better accuracy, review images in play mode after they are taken.