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Digital camera LCD and sunglasses

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

If wearing polarized sunglasses using a digital camera, the LCD may become invisible when holding the camera at certain angles. Learn why.

LCD screens and sunglassesWhen taking photos outside with a digital camera, polarizing sunglasses may interfere with viewing the Liquid Crystal Display monitor. The LCD can all of a sudden become dark when you turn the camera on its side.

LCD’s work by polarizing light. When a camera is turned at a 90 degree angle, it changes the polarization of the light emitted by the LCD. Polarized sunglasses will block the light. The only solution is to remove the sunglasses when taking photos or try tilting your head to one side.

Polarized sunglasses may also cause displays to become “invisible” on LCDs found in automobile dashboards, ATM machines, iPods and similar items. This also only happens when the LCD is viewed at certain angles.


  • Sue, you’re absolutely correct. It’s six of one, half dozen of another. Or do like me: wear non-polarized sunglasses when outside taking photos in bright light. Or remove your glasses when taking shots.