Digital Camera Types

Wi-Fi digital cameras

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Digital cameras with built-in Wi-Fi offer the photo-sharing convenience of a camera phone. Some even let you surf the web and download camera apps.

If you’re unwilling to give up the image quality, features and versatility of a digital camera but want the photo-sharing convenience of a camera phone, consider a digital camera with Wi-Fi.

With a Wi-Fi camera you can share images and videos instantly via an available Wi-Fi connection, such as wireless home network or hotspot. Access to free hotspots is available at a growing number of places including restaurants, coffee shops, libraries, schools, universities, hospitals and public places such as airports.

Some Wi-Fi cameras cost more money than models with equivalent features that do not have wireless capability. However Wi-Fi enabled cameras are convenient to use: no need to wait until you are near a computer to transfer and upload images and video to your favorite photo hosting site.

Besides being able to wirelessly upload photos and video to photo sharing sites, you can:

  • Transfer images to smartphones and tablets
  • Transfer images from your camera to computer wirelessly, without the need for cables or a card reader.
  • Transfer photos to a Wi-Fi compatible printer without wires or the need of a computer.
  • Some cameras let you remotely control camera features through your computer.
  • Some cameras include the Android operating system. In addition to the capabilities listed above, you can check email, browse the web, stream music and download photo and video apps.

Before buying a camera with Wi-Fi

Before buying a Wi-Fi camera, make sure it has the features that can accomplish the tasks you want. For example, not all Wi-Fi cameras have a touchscreen that makes operation as easy as using a touchscreen smartphone. While some photographers do not like taking photos using a touchscreen, it can be useful if you plan to use camera apps.

Wi-Fi memory cards

If you have a relatively new digital camera that does not have WiFi capability, you may be able to use wireless memory cards that have Eye-Fi built into them. Check your camera manual for specifications and related information.