Category - Camera Accessories

Digital camera accessories extend the use and functionality of your camera. Some are essential such a memory cards, extra batteries and a camera bag for transportation and protection of gear. There are many other useful accessories too. Take a few moments and discover if there are a few you may have overlooked.

External Flashes

Slave flash

Slave flashes provide extra lighting in conjunction with another flash. No hot shoe or cords are...

Lenses & Lens Adapters

Why to use a lens hood

A lens hood helps prevent flare by blocking light from entering a camera lens. But it can also...


Tripod features

Tripods are indispensable for preventing camera shake. Learn about some of the features to look for...


Tripod heads

A tripod is an important accessory to help prevent camera shake, particularly in low light or when...


Types of tripods

From mini to full sized, a tripod should safely support the size and weight of your digital camera...


Digital camera filters

Filters help protect a digital camera lens. Some filters change the characteristics of light...


Close-up filters

Close-up filters are small and lightweight and are often used for close-up photography.


Polarizing filters

The polarizing filter is one of the most commonly used camera filters. When used correctly, it...