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My S2 camera settings

These are the settings I use instead of the factory camera default settings. I change settings when needed.

  • Shooting mode: P
  • Auto Focus mode – Single
  • Metering – Matrix or Spot
  • Sensitivity – 50
  • Exposure Compensation: -2/3
  • Image Stabilization: Shoot Only
  • Picture setting: Custom (-) Contrast
  • Auto focus assist lamp- ON
  • Red-eye mode – OFF
  • Safety shift – ON
  • White balance – AUTO
  • Digital Zoom – OFF (Slips into digital from optical zoom too easily. Turn digital on when needed).
  • LCD Review: Off *
  • Shortcut button: AE Lock **

* if you continue to hold the shutter button down right after taking a photo, the image will be displayed on the LCD as you keep the button in that position. Further, if you keep the shutter button and press the DISP. button, the image attributes are displayed in histogram view. If you press the delete button, the image can be deleted without switching to Play mode.

** I often move my camera around a scene to get the “best” exposure, lock it with the shortcut button, then recompose and focus where I want.

Photos by Gail taken with the Canon S2

Canon S2-IS

My Canon S2 camera settings

These default settings I use for general photo-taking with the Canon S2IS digital camera. However...

Canon S2-IS

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