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Instead of being the “jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none” digital camera I imaged, the FZ18 does a lot of things well. Very well. The FZ18 starts at 28mm equivalent and extends to 504mm. That’s a whopping 18X, image stabilized superzoom!! In this blog, I explain why the FZ18 is a delight to use and hold.

Panasonic FZ18

FZ18 issues

Many initially believed the FZ18 was a perfect digital camera. It isn't.

Panasonic FZ18

FZ18 Joystick

The Panasonic FZ18 joystick gives you near-instant access to keep camera settings.

Panasonic FZ18

FZ18 low light tips

Tips for using the Panasonic FZ18 in low light

Panasonic FZ18


Links and thoughts about using SilkyPix, a RAW development program that comes with the Panasonic...

Panasonic FZ18

FZ18 & Canon S2 compared

A comparison of the Panasonic FZ18 and the Canon S2 (and other S Series digital cameras).

Panasonic FZ18

Discussion links & support

Links to support and other helpful information for owners of the Panasonic FZ18.