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Best Digital Camera

Digital cameras generally fall into two broad categories: compacts and those that accept interchangeable lenses. There are many styles and models to choose from within each category. Learn what’s available so you buy a camera that meets your photographic needs.

Best Digital Camera For Beginners

Choosing a beginner camera can be a real challenge as not all beginners are created equal.  That may sound silly but not all beginner photographers have an interest in the technical nature of the art to start with.  Those who are new to photography really need to choose between two options:

  1. Go very cheap and concentrate on letting the camera do the work and use your time to learn composition and framing.
  2. Invest in a more controllable camera with a large sensor or interchangeable lenses.

If you are completely new to photography the former will be a better choice as it’s really difficult to choose the right system for you without learning what areas you are most interested in and where you hope to improve.  A compact camera with a manual mode or a mirrorless are both a great start and you really won’t have to upgrade until the limited resolution becomes an issue.