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Getting Started with Action Photography

Action photography is one of the top-drawer genres in photography. Simply told, action photography is shooting action, usually associated with sports photography. Therefore shooting soccer, hockey, cricket, motor sports, and adventure sports – all comes under the umbrella of action photography.

To get started with action photography, first you need to understand the sports you are shooting and the rules of the game. Action photography is all about timing. Therefore, you need to be aware of the sports you are shooting well in advanced, and should also have researched about the pictures from top sports magazines.

Where to Capture Action Photography

Since nobody starts out being a top of the line sports-action photographer, it is imperative we start from the base. To start with, going to local parks, school parks and grounds and capturing children working out on their skills is great. It could then be taken to the next level with stadiums and trying to get a deal while working as a professional photographer. If your work is good, you will get opportunities, so it is all about climbing the ladder after starting from bottom. You could also travel to places where adventure sports happen and take up your camera and equipment to start shooting. 

Choosing an Action Camera

An action camera needs to be fast, and with a high buffer for good burst mode photography, as well as ability to shoot for longer periods without changing batteries. Any camera is good to start with but top of the line cameras are what professional action photographers choose because they can go to higher shutters and ISO without degrading quality, and the burst modes often allow shooting even up to 14-15 fps, which is handy when shooting high speed action. The battery life needs to be good, or you can use a battery grip which allows for two batteries and hence longer life. Usually, for sports like soccer and cricket where you can’t get much closer, longer lenses are a requisite and hence sturdy top of the line tripods to be able to work with those heavy lenses.  

Action Photography Project Ideas

An uncommon action photography project idea would be to document the various adventure sports travelers these days indulge in, because the other sports are usually well shot by famous photographers already. Travel as an industry is booming, and travel photographers usually involve themselves with landscapes, stories, and portraits, and miss out on the aspect of adventure sports where people all ages are giving in to their adrenaline.

Processing Action Pictures

Processing action pictures is majorly a quick task. Most of the top sports and action photographers don’t even process them as they need to immediately send the pictures for media. They are competent about every aspect. For others, it is best to do simple cropping, contrast and very slight exposure measurements. Action documentation can’t have much fiddling around with details.




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