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Learn Black and White Photography

Getting Started with Black and White Photography

Black and white photography is one of the most nuanced forms of photography. Photographers often claim black and white photography to be the toughest genres because there are no colors to play with, and all the emotions are threadbare in the picture. Be it architecture, a portrait, street, or a wedding – black and white brings out the emotions and details out of the subject. It often brings out the very soul of the place or the person involved.

With the advent of digital and easier post-processing tools, everyone has started playing out with black and white. However, one needs to see the picture as black and white while shooting if they want to turn into black and white later.

Where to Capture Black and White Photography

Black and white photography can be done anywhere. The ideal way to start would be to shoot street portraits and stories in black and white. You will understand about light and shadows, juxtaposition, and the direction of lights and how they affect the pictures while shooting street. While you are at it, pay close attention to the eyes of the subjects while shooting portraits. A catch light in the eye can bring details out of the eyes, and the expressions would be crystal clear.

Choosing a Black and White Camera

These days, every camera which shoots raw can easily be used to shoot black and white. What’s even more amazing is that you can shoot black and white, and if you are shooting raw, the raw files will preserve the color data for you in case you change your mind. Practically any camera can be used to shoot black and white, and it is every advised to shoot raw so that you have processing control later for making the image turn out as it should.

What you could actually do is use color filters which will turn the image monochrome and seen from one light angle. Each color gives a different look. For reference, a famous trilogy called Three Colors Trilogy has used three different color filters for different films, and represented different emotions altogether.

Black and White Photography Project Ideas

The most common projects involving black and white photography are lights and shadows. Everyone who intends to take serious photography must understand the lights and shadows. Using the camera picture style settings only, and black and white modes, create stories involving light and shadows. This will improve the vision for shooting black and white in the future, and will also help in other genres of photography.

Processing Black and White Pictures

Black and White pictures are dependent on processing. The most important parts of processing them are the contrast, black and white clippings, color toning, and individual color adjustments. Contrast brings out stories more, but sometimes it is unwanted. Black and white clippings help fine-tune contrast. Color toning is essential to black and white as the black and white photography relies on the final look. Individual colors help brighten or darken certain areas. For example, skin is mostly between yellow and orange colors. To brighten skin, one needs to up the luminosity sliders there.





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