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Getting Started with Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is the photography that is intended to sell products and services. Fashion, beauty, and products are some of the top genres of commercial photography. To get started with commercial photography, it is good to start with all the advertisements in the magazines and newspapers. They give a good look into what the job is about. Thereafter, you need to learn about behind-the-scenes of the various commercial shoots. YouTube is a good source, as are several other sources which provide quality tutorials on how to capture them and the basics of lighting a product, a face, or a body.

Where to Capture Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is done mostly in the studios. However, there is a considerable chunk done outside the studio, in natural locations, when the product so demands. In the end, it is all about selling the product, and hence the focus is to make the products stand out – be it clothes, or other products, or just beauty products. Therefore, if you aren’t into studio yet, either rent one or start outdoors and move your way up. While studio photography is about the details, the outdoor photography is about the lighting.

Choosing a Commercial Camera

Top end DSLRs from Canon and Nikon are the most common tools used by commercial photographers. What they get is a full-frame quality, high megapixels, and ability to print larger pictures. Medium format and large format cameras are also used often in top-end commercial photography, like Hasselblad. Product photography requires macro lenses to get the details and sturdy tripods to get still shots and to be able to take series of shots for focus stacking, along with lights and other equipment. Some of the setups used for product photography need to be built up from scratch, and hence require time and dedication. Lenses for fashion photography are mostly creative lenses for outdoor shoots like Art Lenses by Sigma, which are wide and let you tell a story, with the clothing. For example, one of the ideal lenses is Sigma Art 35mm f1.4, which also provides for shallow depth of field.

Commercial Photography Project Ideas

The best way to learn commercial photography is to shoot every product or person you have in vicinity. Try to make them look as if you are selling the product, the clothing the person is wearing, or a skin product or hair product. Of course, you will have to choose model carefully for beauty photography, and hence can’t ask anybody. Shoot every product till you can learn to create pictures that are irresistible.

Processing Commercial Pictures

Commercial pictures require immaculate processing. You can never leave an imperfection. Plenty of cloning and healing, dodging and burning, frequency separation goes into making the people look great. The skin for models needs to be perfect, and so does their hair. For products, it is mostly about cleaning the background and the product, and getting out the details. One important aspect is to never change the look of the product, especially clothing, because people buy looking at images, and if the image doesn’t represent product, the photography won’t work.





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